Also provide optimum and pleasing voltage environments in commercial flats, establishments and luxurious residential buildings where large number of air conditioners, geysers, lighting and loads are centrally regulated without piecemeal type of step-regulators.

The large stabilizers may be used to control the entire supply to a laboratory, communications installations, or a medium size industrial plant.
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Photographic processing equipment
Printing presses
Radio transmitters
Television cameras
Video recorders
Medical electronic equipment such as X-ray, Intensive cares units
Electro cardio scope
General laboratory equipment
Heating lights
Hotel and shopping mall
Telecommunication equipment
Production and process control equipment
Electric lifts
Textiles and embroidery unit
Offset printing machines
Petrol pumps
Air conditioning plants
CNC  machines
Plastic extruders
Induction welding plants
Numerically controlled machines
Electron microscopes
Control panels of sophisticated machines as Pressure die casting
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