Isolation Transformer

This is a kind of transformer which supplies electricity to  equipment and generally suited for wide applications. The noise between the secondary and primary winding is reduced in this transformer. This can be designed with either single phase or three phase.  These transformers are the safest for electronic equipment, which is used as a precaution for testing and servicing applications.  It can also be used for step-up or step-down current. 

This unit is  mainly used for sensitive equipment for power supply.

Laboratory units, telecommunication systems, Computer networking equipment, diagnostic testing, movie projector and many more. This is also good for hospitals which also use sensitive equipment.

Noise filtration

Generally, the noise and power surges will damage the electronic equipment and these can be protected only by using isolation transformer.  It provides a lot of things like a complete isolation line, noise filter which runs continuously on improved surge suppression mode and it also eliminates the risk of shock while using this equipment. These help in cutting down electrical surges even in the most atrocious power environments, which is useful for protecting the equipment.
Isolation transformer
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Capacity 1kva to 100kva
Input voltage Single phase               
Three phase
Type Standard and step down
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