Three Phase Stabilizer

* Higher range  of input voltage available on  demand
Three Phase Stabilizer (40kva)
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Three Phase Air Cooled Stabilizer (100kva)
Three Phase Stabilizer (70kva)
Capacity 3kva to 300kva 

Input voltage
300v to 470v - standard
340v to 470v - standard
360v to 470v - standard
300v to 500v - on demand

Nominal output voltage 380v to 415v adjustable
Input frequency 47Hz to 50Hz
Metering Input-output voltage through selector switch
Ambient temperature 0'C to 50'C
Indications High voltage/ low voltage input-output
Protections MCB or MCCB
1)  Short-circuit Through MCB
2)  High/ low voltage Through electronic circuit
Output Through contractor
Cooling Air cooled for lower capacity
Oil cooled for higher capacity

Correction rate 105v per second
Voltage regulation 415 + 1%
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